5 Laser tube co2 and fiber machinaries

AL.PI is synonymous of Laser Tube Avant – Guarde thanks to special profiles working process.

The use of Laser Technology in cutting tubes with different profiles, such as round tubes (with diameter from 10 to 220 mm), elliptical tubes, square tubes (up to diameter 200 x 200 mm), rectangular tubes (up to diameter 200 x 150 mm), triangular sections, oval flats, allows considerable advantages to obtained the innovation of the production process, in the high quality level.

Using laser for cutting tubes allows us to work efficiently with materials such as aluminium, stainless steel (8 mm thick), iron (11 mm thick) without needless waste, without transferring the parts to different machines for different operations, without manual loading and unloading and without processing defects and technological non conformities due to the production process, and avoiding the production of moulds.

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