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Who we are

ALPILASER (AL.PI.) is a modern company who puts its objectives to the continuous expansion of manufacturing system and to the quality of customer services.

Since 1985 it has been working in the field of precision mechanical processing as third party for important Italian and foreign companies, from 2001 AL.PI is an innovative organization in the Italian Laser Tube Cutting panorama. It carries out work on pipes, tubular sections, open frames and beams in stainless steel, iron, aluminum, brass and other materials on customer design.

Following the Technological evolution and constantly updating its equipment and operative systems, led the company to introduce new Laser Tube Cutting Machineries, to propose itself as a complete service center, which enable obtaining high quality and precise products, to work beams and special open profiles.

Thanks to its several Laser tube Cutting Machineries, it offers the design and realization phase of semi-manufactured for every requests.

AL.PI. is also specialized in the creation of internal items, washing sections for industrial dishwashers for restaurant chains, bars and communities. It is also active in other sectors of the metal-mechanic industry, internal and external Forniture, metallic structures for Construction industry, Photovoltaic systems, Skylight Sector, Automotive, Wine-bearing Display, pipes for Pellet stoves and Garage structures. The company is able to provide complete partnership to customers through its work processes for project development and product realization, thanks to the CNC turning, carpentry and welding departments.

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