Design and software

Another AL.PI. strong point is the special attention paid to the design phase, optimised by three software packages forprogramming and management, developed specifically for processing pipes. The drastic reduction in design and prototypeconstruction time reduces the time taken for the development of new products to the minimum and thus saves costs,with the savings passed on to the customer. These software packages are modular and easy to use, and take just a few minutes to go from the idea to the finished article.

Advanced design with a new software:

  • design of individual components - Cad 3D
  • adopt 3D models - File STEP+IGES
  • Program generation - piece- Cam 3D
  • Customize cutting strategy - cam edit advanced
  • Structures - complex shell and framework

Design of individual components, parametric 3D CAD-CAM software to design, to draw and generate the machine program for individual tubular parts. Automatic application of the optimum technological cutting parameters. Possibility to apply different cutting strategies.

Design of complex structures and frames using parametric 3D software automatically generating the individual components. Automatic, precise and rapid generation of the joints. .

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