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Customers services

  • tube processing in various sizes (from a diameter of 10mm to 200mm)
  • working the full rod ( from a diameter 6 to 75mm)
  • working special tubular section and oper frames: frames for locks, L, C, U-shaped pipes
  • cutting the pipe with corresponding hles and internal and external finishing of the chips
  • working parts in sheet metal
  • pipe and sheet laser cutter
  • bending machine to create made-to-measure water and air pressurised tanks
  • processing of other materiales such as iron, brass and aluminum
  • small items in plastic
  • C.N.C. turned items
  • bending units for pipes and plate
  • CNC longitudinal and cylindrical welding
  • TIG/MIG welding
  • structural work complete with mechanical processing


For the processing of internal parts of professional industrial dishwashers: washing and rinsing arms, water and air tanks, handles, ramps, economisers, etc.> more infos


For many applications: shop furnishings, frames for armchairs and sofas, chair frames, modern furnishings such as panels for kitchens, sports equipment.> more infos


Where the processes cover a very vast range such as tubes for brakes, tubes for fuel distribution, heat exchangers, exhaust pipes, seating and components. > more infos


AL.PI. S.r.l. produces structures for residential and industrial photovoltaic systems, to the customer's own design. It collaborates with the most important Italian manufacturing companies in the sector. > more infos


Many kind of wine display realized in metallic structures. In your cellar, bar or pub show your best wines > more infos


Realization of personalized metal structures to load-bering doors and garage-doors. > more infos


Tubular structures for industrial in different dimensions and section of pipes. > more infos


Lighting, pipes for pellet stoves, structures for car and truck washing systems, etc.. > more infos

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